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01 августа 2014

The letter of Sergei Mironov on political repressions against the Communist Party of Ukraine addressed to the President of the Party of European SocialistsSergei Mironov's congratulations to Pedro Sanchez on his election to the post of the Secretary-General of the Spanish Socialist Worker's Party

30 июля 2014

Mikhail Emelyanov: Russia must limit import of goods and services from the EU and the USA

29 июля 2014

The letter of Mironov S.M. on political repressions against the Communist Party of Ukraine addressed to leaders of the Socialist International

28 июля 2014

Victor Shudegov: "Granting Ukraine a status of a USA military partner will constitute a serious danger to Russia"

18 июля 2014

Sergei Mironov about celebration of the 700th anniversary of Sergiy RadonezhskySergei Mironov made a statement about the Boeing crash in the south-east of Ukraine

17 июля 2014

Sergei Mironov made comments on the new US sanctions against Russia

14 июля 2014

Sergei Mironov: "The power of compassion for the people who got into trouble, solidarity with them and involvement in their destinies is beyond limitation"

12 июля 2014

Sergei Mironov about the possibility of a dialogue between Ukraine and Russia

10 июня 2014

Sergei Mironov: A JUST RUSSIA offers to adopt a special State Duma statement on the genocide in the south-east of Ukraine

09 июня 2014

Alexander Romanovich: Poroshenko has not stopped bloodshed in his own country

05 июня 2014

A JUST RUSSIA continues humanitarian assistance work for the residents of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics

03 июня 2014

Sergei Mironov: an airstrike on Lugansk is an attack against their own people

30 мая 2014

Victor Shudegov: Soon the whole civilized world will realize that there is a fratricidal war on in Ukraine

27 мая 2014

Sergei Mironov: there may be the third Maidan in Ukraine once people realize nothing has changed

23 мая 2014

Address to the citizens of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics of Sergei Mironov, Chairman of Political Party A JUST RUSSIA, due to aggravation of the humanitarian situation in the zone of an armed confrontation in Ukraine

15 мая 2014

Alexander Romanovich delivered a speech at the meeting of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly

13 мая 2014

The State Duma considered a draft of the address to the parliaments of the world over the threat of a humanitarian catastrophe in UkraineOleg Nilov: it is our duty to stop genocide against the Russian people in UkraineNikolay Levichev on the air of TV Channel LifeNews

10 мая 2014

Sergei Mironov’s visit to Simferopol

09 мая 2014

Sergei Mironov’s visit to Sevastopol

06 мая 2014

Alexander Terentyev: the events that occurred in Odessa are nothing but a fascist massacre

05 мая 2014

Mikhail Yemelyanov thinks the US sanctions against Russia result from despair and unwillingness to admit its mistakes

23 апреля 2014

Sergei Mironov: "The Government must have political will – the key point we fail to see nowadays"

22 апреля 2014

Sergei Mironov: "Nowadays the Government of the Russian Federation has no right to be the technical cabinet"

16 апреля 2014

Sergei Mironov about the events in Ukraine: the Russians never leave one of their own behind!

05 апреля 2014

Statement of the Central Council of Political Party A JUST RUSSIA

21 марта 2014

Yelena Mizulina: aggrandizement of the USA is caused by the collapse of the USSR
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