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21 марта 2014

Svetlana Goryacheva: "More and more states will not only look at Russia getting up off its knees but also aspire to it"

20 марта 2014

Sergei Mironov: March 18 is a historical day, Crimea has returned to Russia!

12 марта 2014

Nikolay Levichev made comments about the amendments to law On the General Principles of the Organization of Local Self-government

06 марта 2014

MEMORANDUM. The Ukrainian Political Crisis and the Urgency of Overcoming it

03 марта 2014

Sergei Mironov at the PES Congress: "Europe does not realize that Nazis have come to power in Ukraine."A JUST RUSSIA party took part in the Congress of the Party of European Socialists

01 марта 2014

Mikhail Emelyanov: "The President has the right to take all measures to protect the interests of the Russian-speaking people in the Crimea."

27 февраля 2014

Sergei Mironov in the Crimea: "We can’t be indifferent and just keep watching over what is happening to our brothers in Ukraine"

18 февраля 2014

Sergei Mironov about the prospects for creation of the Eurasion Union as an integration association
Speech at the Moscow Economic Forum

07 февраля 2014

Statement by the President of the Socialist International George A. Papandreou for an Olympic Truce in Syria during the Sochi GamesThe letter of the President of Socialist International George A. Papandreou to Sergei MironovSergei Mironov: "Russia has deserved the hosting of the Olympics!"

29 января 2014

Alexander Romanovich called the western politicians for a balanced approach to the situation in Ukraine

27 января 2014

Sergei Mironov: conclusions from the events in Ukraine should be drawn for the Russian political lifeNikolai Levichev: "Fascists and Humanistic motives are incompatible. It’s absurd to think so."

24 января 2014

Nikolai Levichev represented the position of the faction of A JUST RUSSIA on the address to the foreign parliamentarians to give full support for the Olympic Truce
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