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10 мая 2016

Alexander Tarnavsky took part in the 49th Congress of the Bulgarian Socialist Party

09 мая 2016

Sergei Mironov participated in the Immortal Regiment march

07 мая 2016

Alexander Romanovich: we are not interested in heightening tensions but we are ready to give an adequate answer to actions of the West

05 мая 2016

Alexander Romanovich signed the Memorandum on Cooperation between Party A JUST RUSSIA and the Movement of Social Democrats of Cyprus

28 апреля 2016

Alexander Romanovich met with a delegation of the Syrian Kurdistan

25 апреля 2016

Cooperation agreement between Political party A JUST RUSSIA and Bulgarian Socialist Party

15 апреля 2016

Alexander Romanovich: a new wave of anti-Russian hysteria in Ukraine is prompting another Maidan

12 апреля 2016

Sergei Mironov receives Tiny Kox, the Chairman of the United Left Group in PACE

06 апреля 2016

Alexander Romanovich: blocking of Russia’s resolution on Syria may fire Europe back with new terrorist attacksAlexander Romanovich received a delegation of the National Congress of Kurdistan

25 марта 2016

Sergei Mironov congratulated leader of the Direction – Social Democracy party of Slovakia for winning in the parliamentary electionsSergei Mironov expressed condolences to the Chairman of the Belgian Socialist Party in connection with the terrorist attacks in Brussels

22 марта 2016

Socialist International condemns terrorist attacks in BrusselsSergei Mironov extended his deepest sympathy and condolences to the families and friends of the victims of the terrorist attacks in Brussels.Alexander Romanovich: the world community has failed so far to totally hinder terrorism

21 марта 2016

Alexander Romanovich spoke at the Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union in Lusaka

16 марта 2016

Nikolai Levichev: the West must realize that Crimea is Russia

11 марта 2016

Sergei Mironov considers the issue of the DPR passports to be a sign of maturity of the young Republic

10 марта 2016

Nikolai Levichev called for making "a blacklist" of EU journalists in response to expelling the VGTRK camera crew from Lithuania

01 марта 2016

Nikolai Levichev: the IRI election results will make a positive impact on cooperation with the RF in the fight against terrorism

26 февраля 2016

Oleg Mikheyev sent an inquiry to the Prosecutor General concerning the activity of Company TripAdviser

25 февраля 2016

Sergei Mironov received a delegation of the DPR Ministry of Education and Science

24 февраля 2016

Olga Epifanova: the list of criminally liable acts in the sphere of sexual exploitation of children will be expanded

18 февраля 2016

Alexander Romanovich took part in the meeting of the Parliamnentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM)Sergei Mironov received a delegation of the Pridnestrovie Moldova Republic

17 февраля 2016

Nikolai Levichev: Obama accusing Trump of populism may address himself the same accusations

12 февраля 2016

Sergei Mironov received a delegation of the Syrian Kurdistan

10 февраля 2016

During its all-Russia press-conference, Party A JUST RUSSIA announced launching of large-scale action "Medvedev, do or resign!"Nikolai Levichev offered to create under the egis of UN an international center of counterpropaganda against extremists

11 января 2016

Nikolai Levichev: advertising of their own idiocy has grown into fashion not only at night clubs but at the official institutions of Kiev as well
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