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24 июля 2015

Sergei Mironov: poverty of our citizens is a vice of our state

23 июля 2015

Sergei Mironov: all attempts to scare people who decide on visiting Crimea are doomed

22 июля 2015

Sergei Mironov expressed condolences on the loss of lives of young socialists in the terror attack in Turkey

21 июля 2015

Oleg Nilov has offered the Foreign Ministry (MFA) to initiate the international tribunal on the Islamic State group (IS) and its patrons

17 июля 2015

Sergei Mironov: Russia and the USA must address the greatest challenges of the 21st century together

08 июля 2015

Sergei Mironov: Russia does have really reliable partners

07 июля 2015

Moscow region: Igor Chistiukhin received a delegation of the Sofia City Council of the Bulgarian Socialist Party

06 июля 2015

Alexander Romanovich: "the Greek malfunctioning" proves availability of disturbances in the Eurozone mechanism

03 июля 2015

Nikolai Levichev: Finland is eroding the principle of the diplomatic dialogue

02 июля 2015

Visit of the delegation of Party A JUST RUSSIA to the European Parliament

01 июля 2015

Sergei Mironov about the decision of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland to deny entry into the country for SD Chairman Sergey Naryshkin

30 июня 2015

Sergei Mironov congratulated Fofi Gennimata on her election as President of the Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK)Information Letter of SYRIZA’s Department of international relations and peace issues

29 июня 2015

Alexander Romanovich: the PACE resolution once again demonstrates quarrelsomeness of some delegationsSergei Mironov: to fight terrorism, we must join our effortsAlexander Romanovich addressed the Conference of Russian and German sister cities in Karlsruhe

26 июня 2015

Nikolai Levichev: the USA is still afraid of the UN authority

24 июня 2015

Alexander Romanovich: the main NATO members are far from dying for the quarrelsome newcomers

23 июня 2015

Sergei Mironov: the decision to choose 22 June to announce extension of the sanctions is definitely directed against usSergei Mironov congratulated Sergei Stanishev on his re-election to the post of Chairman of the Party of European SocialistsSergei Mironov and Nataliya Velikaya congratulated Zita Gurmai on her re-election to the post of President of the organization PES Women

22 июня 2015

Nikolai Levichev: we should be grateful to the EU for extension of the sanctions

19 июня 2015

Alexander Romanovich received a delegation of the National Congress of Kurdistan

16 июня 2015

Alexander Tarnavsky: we are ready to abide by the decisions of ECHR (the European Court of Human Rights) as long as they do not threaten the sovereignty of Russia

27 мая 2015

Nikolai Levichev: the USA wants to deprive Russia of the right to host the World Cup 2018

23 мая 2015

Saint-Petersburg hosts the first Conference of the Russian Social-Democratic Women’s UnionJR delegation participated in the ICAPP Business Forum

22 мая 2015

Sergei Mironov: the Verkhovnaya Rada’s declaration is a license for genocide against their own people

15 мая 2015

Alexander Romanovich: NATO’s European old-timers are not at all inclined to respond to the anti-Russian military calls

04 мая 2015

Sergei Mironov: for Poroshenko, any form of talks, in any format is a cover-up for aggressive actions and murders of civilians
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