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Oleg Nilov offered to make up the McLaren-Craven list on the analogy with the Magnitsky list

24 августа 2016

Oleg Nilov, deputy Leader of the State Duma faction of Party A JUST RUSSIA proposed to make up the McLaren-Craven list, on the analogy with the so-called Magnitsky list, in response to the ban on the Russian National Paralympic Team imposed by the International Paralympic Committee (RPC).

The politician writes about it in his response to the tweet of Alexey Venediktov, the editor-in-chief of the Echo Moskvy radio station, who noted that the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) made a unanimous decision to ban the Russian National Team from the games in Rio.

Mr. Venediktov ironically offered Mr. Nilov to go even further and "withdraw from the Olympic and Paralympic movement". As a response, the deputy corrected the editor-in-chief saying that it would be more correct to call this movement "Para American".

According to Oleg Nilov, the main value of the Olympic or Paralympic games is reconciliation of the opposing parties, suspension of the conflicts and wars, and opening a dialogue. But nowadays, the foreign sports officials do nothing but "stir up the relations between the nuclear powers that are already extremely tense and play off one nation against another."

The deputy thinks that in response to all unjust decisions, Russia must increase the number of people involved in doing various sports, and it must be free and on a large scale.

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