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Valery Gazzaev: suspension of our Para Team from the Paralympics in Rio is the highest degree of cynicism

23 августа 2016

Valery Gazzaev, the Russian football coach, a former President of FC Alania, a parliamentary deputy of the seventh State Duma from Party A JUST RUSSIA commented on the final ban from Paralympic games in Rio of the Russian Para Team:

It is the highest degree of cynicism that the CAS rejected the claim of the Russian Paralympic Committee, and as a result, the Russian Para-athletes are banned from Paralympic Games in Rio. You can’t ban from sports competitions people with health limitations. It may be their only happiness in life! Why are these strong and beautiful people devoid of an opportunity to win and strife for something? This decision is nothing but anti-humanity.

Well, let’s assume they found some drugs in the probes, and someone had to face probe problems, but why was the whole national team disqualified? Why not ban only the athletes who are guilty of doping, as it was done before the Olympic Games in Rio? People must comprehend the degree of their responsibility when they make such decisions.

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