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Sergei Mironov: suspension of the Russian Paralympic Team from the Paralympics in Rio is a political revenge

23 августа 2016

Sergei Mironov, Chairman of Party A JUST RUSSIA and the Leader of its State Duma faction declared that the decision to suspend the Russian Para athletes from the games in Rio discredits the international officials guided only by a ruthless political revenge.

Today the Sports Arbitrary Court supported the decision to disqualify the Russian Paralympic Committee (RPC). Accordingly the sportsmen are banned from international competitions, including the Paralympics in Brazil.

Sergei Mironov thinks that "this cynical decision has nothing in common with the fight for clean sport. It is just a tiny, ruthless revenge for the achievements of our Olympic team, and for their dignified participation in the games in Brazil despite various intrigues. None of the Russian sportsmen probes in Rio confirmed the doping usage. There is no doubt that our Para athletes would have been able to gain confident and flawless victories as well, but after the success of our Olympic team in Rio, the international officials decided just to compensate themselves for our success".

I’d like to remind you that on 7 August the International Paralympic Committee disqualified the RPC on the ground of a World Anti-Doping Agency report. A week later, the RPC appealed against this decision. However, at present the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) rejected the appeal. The lawyers of the Russian sportsmen are going to apply to the Swiss Supreme Court but the problem is that the whole process will take, at least, a year. It means that our Para athletes are sure to miss the Olympics in Rio.

"I can imagine how painful it is for them to realize this injustice. We support them wholeheartedly and are totally on their side. Our Para athletes are strong people. They have got accustomed to overcoming difficulties in sport and in life. There are no such political intrigues that might break them! As for those international officials who deprived our sportsmen of their legal rights, they will remain in the sports history with the stamp of infamy".

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