Alexander Romanovich: whatever happens in the world, it is the interests of Russia that are important to us

21 2016

Alexander Romanovich, the State Duma Vice-Chairman, commented on the most significant recent events:

We have recently got snowed under several stunning international events to understand which we need some key, as without it, understanding of further development of the situation would be impossible. Id like to try to give my perception of what happened.

The act of terror in Nice has revealed serious gaps in professionalism of the French law enforcement officials. Moreover, it showed their unwillingness to adopt foreign experience on security provision of mass gatherings of people. I wouldnt like to join the charms already spoken out about "the forces thrown against the Russian threat to the detriment of the anti-terrorist protection" because these two are in absolutely various capacities, and still everything should be targeted at an efficient anti-terrorist cooperation.

They in Turkey should, first of all, themselves gain insight in the coup attempt. I do not welcome any theories of the internal or external conspiracy put forward by our reviewers. The reason is very simple: now we are not dealing with a theory but with a real coup, and it is Erdoğan who has to deal with this coup. The future of the country will greatly depend on the way Erdoğan will do it, on his ability to find a possibility to avoid the emotional extremes, and not to make angry the army with the extreme repressions because the army in Turkey has always been a traditional supporting institution.

Our relations with the USA are balancing on a very thin watershed at present, and it is advisable not to break it with the traditional pretensions to the Americans. Yes, we have a lot of disagreements, but I think, long and detailed talks of Secretary of State Kerry in Moscow and his meeting with President Putin (the very fact of their meeting is of vital importance) give some hope for a positive progress in relation to Syria. All this might provide a possibility for the movement towards improvement of our contacts.

Moreover, it is necessary that the current team of the State Department should have an opportunity to report the Senate about a positive result of their work concerning the Russian direction and, a priori, not to irritate the future American President and his foreign policy experts in Russia.

Id like to say the following about the sensational British exit from the EU: there is no need to take seriously journalists commonplace labels such as "the British woke up in a different country" or "Europe saw an absolutely different Britain". A strong side of the British is that they have been waking up for centuries in the same country, and they will always remain the same...

The "Brexit" decision and the new cabinet of ministers, which astonished those who know nothing, with its Foreign Minister, who is extravagant but very smart, all this confirms once again the firmness of the basis of the British position with regard to their country and the surrounding world.

My observation regarding the Foggy Albion makes me think that conservatism the British are famous for is very rational and based on two pillars: standing to the traditions and your own principles. The second one, I think, is the main pillar. The British prefer not to interfere in the natural history of events, no matter if they are insignificant, important or the state ones. To do it, they carefully analyze what is going on, see the point and do their best to eliminate all the obstacles that prevent the natural history of events, but they, by no means, interfere in anything.

The same happened with "Brexit", Britain starting feeling some discomfort in the EU. They consulted their people, had some result and got down to liquidation of this discomfort, but again, it is done calmly, in a clever way and even with a special, relevant ministry...

We, here in Russia, should learn to take care about our own interests taking into account our own experience of international cooperation but not someone elses.

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