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Alexander Romanovich participated in the meeting of the Council of the Socialist International (SI) convened in Geneva

02 июля 2016

Alexander Romanovich, Secretary of the Presidium of the Central Council on Foreign Affairs of Party A JUST RUSSIA, Vice-Chairman of the RF State Duma, Deputy Chairman of the SD Committee on Foreign Affairs was a JR representative at the meeting of the SI Council convened in Geneva on 1-2 July 2016.

Party A JUST RUSSIA became a full member of the Socialist International in 2012, and since that time it has constantly been participating in the meetings of the SI Council held in different countries, between the SI congresses, twice a year. The Socialist International is an authoritative association of 140 social-democratic, socialist and labour parties of 114 countries, and 14 fraternal and associative organizations.

It has already become a tradition that in addition to solution of the accumulated organization and protocol issues, the most urgent foreign policy problems were also under discussion there.

That time the debate concerned strengthening of political and humanitarian response to international crises, protection of democracy and pro-democracy provisions, support of the struggle for rights and freedoms where they are under threat, the ways to fight economic inequalities and the SI Commission activities on this issue.

At the beginning of his speech, Alexander Romanovich extended the greetings of Party A JUST RUSSIA to all the participants of the SI Council meeting. He wished the meeting success and positive results in its work at the Geneva Forum.

The party representative drew attention of the SI Council to the glaring violation of human rights in Ukraine. He referred to the Declaration of Principles of the Socialist International adopted by its XVIII Congress in Stockholm, in 1989. Article 9 of the Declaration stresses that it is only possible to speak of democracy if people have a free choice between various political alternatives, and emphasized that this freedom was desecrated by the Kiev regime. The situation in the country was brought to the coup (in the style of "orange revolutions") that resulted in victims, massacre, and a civil war. The Russian-speaking population in the south-east of Ukraine was terrified, and it was quite natural that the people took measures to defend their houses and families.

The Russian parliamentarian specified that according to the UN, 9,449 people have died and 21,643 have been wounded in the east of Ukraine since 2014. Numerous facts of politically motivated persecution of Ukrainian citizens, hundreds of illegal arrests and cases of barbarous treatment of the detained have been fixed so far. There is mass detainment of the Donbas independence supporters by the Security Service of Ukraine which practices tortures of the detainees.

When the final resolutions of the SI Council were being discussed, Alexander Romanovich expressed his perplexity about the fact that the Ukrainian situation was neither qualified as a center of human rights violation nor even mentioned in the documents at all. He also criticized a number of short resolutions on come countries and said that the Socialist International must define its attitude to the situations which are really significant in terms of real threat to human rights: ISIS atrocities in Lebanon and Iraq, human rights violation by the Kiev regime. In particular, the JR representative voted against the populist (from his point of view) resolutions on Belorussia and Venezuela.

Alexander Romanovich still managed to insist on writing an addition in the resolution on "strengthening of political and humanitarian response to international crises". The addition offered by Party A JUST RUSSIA calls the parties to the conflict in Ukraine to do their utmost to perform the Minsk agreements.

The representative of the Russian party offered to make and formulate, in future, the resolution decisions of the SI Council not proceeding from some external sources but on the ground of the information obtained by the monitoring groups of the Socialist International visiting the scenes, as it is done, for example, by PACE or OSCE.

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