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Alexander Romanovich meets with the German Bundestag deputy Gernot Erler

13 июля 2016

Alexander Romanovich, Vice-Chairman of the State Duma had a meeting with Gernot Erler, a German Bundestag deputy and a member of its Committee on Foreign Affairs, on 12 July 2016. The meeting was held in the State Duma.

Welcoming the guest, Alexander Romanovich emphasized the significance of personal contacts to maintain and strengthen the bilateral relations between Russia and Germany.

In his turn, Gernot Erler took an interest in the prospect for Party A JUST RUSSIA at the forthcoming parliamentary elections in September. The SD Vice-Chairman stressed that Party A JUST RUSSIA is actually the only active social-democratic force in Russia. Alexander Romanovich also briefed his German colleague on the main provisions of the election programme of the Party – "Twenty-Five Just Laws".

In particular, the State Duma Vice-Chairman told the guest about the proposal made by Party A JUST RUSSIA to refocus economy on project financing by determining the priority development areas.

Mr. Romanovich also emphasized that the Party made an offer to move from a flat tax rate schedule to a progressive one. In his opinion, this measure will make it possible for the state budget to get one trillion rubles.

In conclusion, giving an answer to the German deputy’s question, Alexander Romanovich expressed his hope for fair elections in the RF, and emphasized that President Vladimir Putin is particularly interested in holding such elections, and the candidates he offered for the Central Election Commission are a sound argument for this.

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