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Sergei Mironov: the IOC did not yield to political pressure

21 июня 2016

Sergei Mironov, Chairman of Party A JUST RUSSIA and the Leader of its State Duma faction is of the opinion that the decision made by the International Olympic Committee at the summit in Lausanne is responsible. At the same time, it is necessary that the Russia’s sports reputation be improved and enhanced by honest victories.

The International Olympic Committee refused to take the decision that might be deadly for the Olympic movement. Reason and responsibility have triumphed in Lausanne: the Russian team will go to Rio de Janeiro. We are also glad that our athletes with a clean record will be able to compete under the Russian flag. Though, of course, there is nothing joyful about the very fact of consideration of this issue by the Committee."

At today’s summit, the ICO supported the ban from the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) on participation of the Russian athletes in the international competitions, including the Olympic Games in Rio. However, contrary to the concerns, this ban does not refer to the whole national Olympic team of Russia. Moreover, some athletes will be able to participate in the Games after the IAAF have made individual checks.

Sergei Mironov thinks that "the ICO saved the situation when it did not yield to the political pressure of the enemies of Russia. But we will have to prove for a rather long time that there is no place for unfair and unprincipled functionaries as well as for dishonest sportsmen in Russian sport. This must be proved, first of all, by out honest victories!"

"I hope and believe that the heavy experience of the recent months will teach us a serious lesson, and nothing of this kind will ever happen," the JR Chairman stressed.

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