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Representatives of Socialist Democratic Youth Union "A Just Force" took part in the ceremony of handing over the flag of the World Festival of Youth and Students

07 июня 2016

Alexey Spivakov, a representative of Socialist Democratic Youth Union "A JUST Force" spoke on behalf of the National Preparatory Committee during work of the Preparatory Committee for the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela. The Committee made a decision to hold the Festival in Sochi in October 2017. The Russian delegation was welcomed by Vice-President of Venezuela Aristobulo Isturiz Almeida who, together with the other Venezuela officials, handed over the Festival flag to the Russian delegation.

In his speech, Alexey Spivakov stressed that the Russian youth is really glad that Russia will host the World Festival of Youth and Students for the third time in its history.

"We live in tough times, and I am not going to tell you about the information pressure we withstand nowadays. The main thing is that the Festival is a unique chance to establish direct contacts with the most active representatives of youth throughout the world. I am sure that in the future, many of the young people, the Festival participants, will occupy the leading governmental positions in their countries, and their Festival experience as well as the contacts made within the Festival framework will help them to build up a dialogue in the future. We want the world to be full of justice but not of wars. It is modern youth which is really able to do it!

Socialist Democratic Youth Union "A Just Force", the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs and some other friendly organizations have done a serious job as part of preparation for the Festival. Now, after the international committee had made its final decision and handed over the Festival flag to Russia, we may focus directly on preparation for the Festival in Sochi," Iliya Sviridov, the A Just Force Chairman said.

We’d like to remind about the Instruction of RF President Vladimir Putin to arrange work on launching the bid to host the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students in the Russian Federation in 2017. The bid was submitted by the organizations-members of the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY), including Socialist Democratic Youth Union "A Just Force". The bid was also supported by the National Council of Youth and Children’s Unions of Russia and the Russian Youth Union. The WFDY General Assembly held in November 2015 approved of the Russian bid.

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