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Alexander Romanovich: President Putin’s "Greek" answer

26 мая 2016

The Russian and foreign social-and-media environment has, in recent times, accumulated several topics that Russia seems to be yielding to the Russophobic part in the world Media on the information confrontation.

However, in my view, President Putin not only restored the balance during his visit to Greece, but also made our numerous opponents give thought to several issues.

Concerning the deployment of the US MDS (Missile Defense Shield) in Romania, which was also commented somewhere on as a "winning move" of the West, President Putin made it clear that Moscow is compelled to react as the MDS segment in Romania is a threat to our country. Russia will ensure its security, and moreover, Moscow has all the opportunities to guarantee it. What is more, such actions will be a response.

Moreover, Vladimir Putin stressed that the deployment of the MDS objects in Romania and Poland might result in escalation of the tension and negatively affect the promising projects, like construction of a new gas pipeline to the south of Europe.

The big statement made by Ukrainian Leader Pyotr Poroshenko that "after the return of Nadezhda Savchenko by the Ukrainian authorities, they will return the Crimean peninsular as well..." stayed viable only for some time.

However, in Greece, it was dissolved at once by a strongly worded statement of our President that the issue of Crimea is irrevocably closed. That was a historical decision of the people living in Crimea, and Russia is not going to discuss anything in that regard, with anyone. To make assurance double sure, he quoted a Russian proverb: "God grant, your calf would eat up our wolf"...

As for pardoning Nadezhda Savchenko, the Russian President emphasized that the return home of the convicted Russian citizens from Ukraine was the high-priority problem, and it has nothing to do with the Minsk agreements because the Minsk-2 says about the persons held in Donbas, and the ones taken off the territory of Donbas and held in Ukraine.

Turkey is known to go on bringing discredit upon itself by daily supplies of weapons and armament to Syria, for terrorist group Jebhat an-Nusra which allows the latter to fire on the Syrian army and civilians as well as arrange provocations against them. In this regard, the suspended military actions of the Russian forces planned for 25 May were immediately announced all but Russia’s concession, in general, and to Turkey as well; although that was nothing but a technical pause to update, jointly with the Americans, on the enemy’s dislocation,

Therefore, commenting on the incident with the Russian SU-24 bomber shot down in Syria, our President especially stressed that the RF is fighting in Syria not against the regular armies but against the terrorist formations.

As for the Turkish establishment and the President of Turkey, Erdogan, President Putin clearly confirmed the position of Russia. He declared that Russia heard the explanation of the Turkish authorities, but it did not hear any apologies. Neither did we hear about readiness of Turkey to repair the damage. We also want to resume the relations but it is not Russia that destroyed them.

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