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Sergei Mironov participated in the Immortal Regiment march

09 мая 2016

Sergei Mironov, Chairman of Party A JUST RUSSIA and the Leader of its State Duma faction took part in the Immortal Regiment march held in Moscow on 9 May and shared his impressions on his Facebook page.

My family (my wife and our younger son) took part in the Immortal Regiment march on the Victory Day. Last year this event was probably my most powerful emotional impression, and yesterday I experienced the same strong feelings.

When participating in the memory march, you go to the main square of the country carrying the portrait of your heroic relative, all this inspires your deep personal feelings. On the other hand, you realize that hundreds of thousands people around you are united in their pride, admiration, sadness and gratitude. This is a terrifically strong connection between people, generations and time.

My son was carrying the portrait of his great-grandfather, my wife – the portrait of her grandmother, and I was carrying the photograph of my father. They are still with us, in our memory. Thanks to this memorial march, we feel interconnectedness with their heroic deeds more than ever.

There is no future without the past. Participating in the Immortal Regiment march, we go forward along the memory way. We feel great pride for our great nation, for our winners whose incredible efforts and sacrifices had saved our Motherland.

Dear friends, best wishes on the Victory Day!

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