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Sergei Mironov: the myths about global warming are nothing but a fraud

13 мая 2016

Sergei Mironov, Chairman of Party A JUST RUSSIA and the Leader of the JR State Duma faction thinks signing of international agreements on climate serves economic interests of some companies and countries, as for the very theory of anthropogenic factors of global warming, it is untenable.

"Being a mining geophysical engineer, I studied the problem of global warming, in due time, with the leading world-known scientists," the politician remarked. "There is climate change, and there are the cycles of solar activity but as for the global warming and the human role in it, they are nothing but fairytales. Of course, the less we contaminate the better. But humanity actually accounts for just a few percent of the total volume of greenhouse gas emissions of the whole biota on the planet."

"The myth about an anthropogenic impact on the climate is a tool to provide control over the economies of developing countries. They hear the following: stay where you are, at your low level of development; don’t dream of any plants or production processes, or we will build them ourselves, for quotas," Sergei Mironov said.

Russia has recently signed a new international agreement on fighting the climate global changes, and today the RF Government Decree "On supplement to the plan on the greenhouse gas emissions reduction" was published.

The JR Chairman thinks ‘this agreement is nothing but profanation’. "If we go back several years, we’ll remember there was a huge problem of "ozone holes". Some companies enriched themselves thanks to it, but later on it was revealed that the man had nothing to do with this problem as ozone holes emerge on their own. At present, there is another fraud of this kind, fraud number two is developing on the basis of global warming."

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