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The deputies the JR faction received a delegation of the Social Democratic Party of Germany in the State Duma

19 мая 2016

Mikhail Emelyanov, the first deputy Leader of the JR Party State Duma faction, and Alexander Tarnavsky, a JR deputy and a member of its SD faction, the first deputy Chairman of the SD Committee on Budget and Taxes received a delegation of the Social Democratic Party of Germany and representatives of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in the RF. Ruslan Tatarinov, the Head of the Central Office of Party A JUST RUSSIA also participated in the meeting.

Mikhail Emelyanov said he was very pleased to welcome their friends and fellow thinkers in the State Duma.

In his opinion, although the international situation is not as good as it might be, their fellow thinkers faithful to the principles of social democracy can make their own contribution to development of the relations between Russia and Germany.

"I think it is necessary to develop ways of cooperation between the two parties for promotion of better mutual understanding, to activate the dialogue, and improve the relations between our parties and countries," he said.

The delegation members agreed that although the meeting was taking place in a rather complicated period of time, but still social democrats have a lot of open channels for a dialogue. According to them, Russia is a very important neighbor of Germany, and solution of the topical European and a number of world issues without Russia would be rather problematic.

As Alexander Tarnavsky told the participants of the meeting, being an opposition party, A JUST RUSSIA has claims against the economic policy of the country pursued by the Government and the Central Bank. The Party wants to change it so that work of both exporters and importers might be efficient.

The SDPG representatives expressed their displeasure with the anti-Russian sanctions which are, in their opinion, a negative factor for Russia and Germany. The social democrats of Germany are looking for the ways of solution to this problem.

Ruslan Tatarinov thanked the SDPG representatives for the participation of their party in such JR events as international forum "A solidarity answer to global challenges – a path to a just world" which took place in 2015 and the 7th Congress of the JR Party.

"We are very interested in development of the interparty channels, and cooperation with your party is really important for us, including the human rights channels. We appreciate your balanced approach to the Ukrainian crisis," he said.

Ruslan Tatarinov handed over the German delegation several copies of the book about violation of the rights of the people in the south-east of Ukraine which contained the materials collected by organization "A Just Protection".

The SDPG representatives wished JR success in the future elections to the State Duma and expressed hope for further mutual cooperation.

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