Alexander Romanovich: we are not interested in heightening tensions but we are ready to give an adequate answer to actions of the West

07 2016

Alexander Romanovich, Vice-Chairman of the State Duma and the Secretary of the Presidium of the Central Council on Foreign Affairs of Party A JUST RUSSIA made comments on the statement of Kertis Skaparotti, Commander in Chief of NATO forces in Europe, who called the alliance members to be ready for meeting the threats from Russia:

Any news relating to security of our country that comes ahead the Victory day is perceived through analogies of World War II which was the Great Patriotic War for our country.

The first thing done by American General Kertis Skaparotti, the new Commander in Chief of the NATO forces in Europe, who has just received this mandate from his predecessor and compatriot Philip Breedlove was the call for the alliance members to be ready for meeting the threats from Russia which he proclaimed one of the main challenges for the Alliance. Moreover, the NATO Commander in Chief stressed that "NATO needs to be prepared to fight tonight"...

Taking into account the time lag between America and Europe, readiness of the overseas hawk to peck Russia surprisingly resembles of early morning of June 1941 when Hitlers armada treacherously attacked the Soviet Union. The newly appointed NATO commander should have remembered the bad way Hitler and his clique ended up after their invasion into Russia.

Its interesting that Steven ohen, an American political scientist and an expert on Russia, thinks in the same way: "NATO led by the U.S. is rapidly building up its power on land, on water and in the air near the Russian border. Such actions of the Alliance can remind people in Russia about the invasion of Nazi Germany in 1941 the last time such hostile forces mobilized at the borders of the country," emphasizes Cohen.

But there is one surprising thing about that: Washington and Brussels who go on strengthening their military presence in Eastern Europe manage to accuse Moscow of "provocations against NATO." It means they "put the cart before the horse" for propaganda purposes and for the sake of provision of revenues for their military-industrial sector because it is actually quite evident that no one but the North Atlantic Alliance is a provoker.

Admiral James Stavridis, ex-commander in chief of the Alliance forces in Europe, who was put aside long ago but is still as hawkish as the new NATO commander, repeats rhetoric of the latter one.

He is sure that NATO should send even more forces to the Russian border. According to the admiral, Moscow thinks strengthening of the Russian forces at its western borders will make NATO retreat. But Stavridis draws a conclusion that such a variant would be the worst for the Alliance.

The NATO retiree still cant calm down: "We must demonstrate Russia that we wont let it decide if American troops should be deployed in such countries as Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania or not."

This is what was to be proved. Washington has too much got accustomed to the wording "we are not going to allow it". But its high time they lost this habit. Once we take a closer look, we will find this Imperative, which is new and evidently inconvenient for the Americans, flash through the military statements made by already mentioned Mr. Skaparotti who has called for defense against the threats from "reviving Russia".

The very truth itself, Sir! Id even say Russia that has already revived in a military aspect. We are going to see it once again during the 9 May parade. Moreover, we will do everything strong defense of the borders of our Motherland requires. You may also be sure that we are able not only to direct our planes to survey the American navy ship which came too close to a military base in Kaliningrad....

We have repeatedly stressed that we are not interested in heightening tensions but we are ready to give an adequate answer to the actions of the West. We are ready to do it effectively at any moment, at any part of the day, let it be morning or evening,

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