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Greeting from Sergei Mironov to the delegates of the 49th Congress of the Bulgarian Socialist Party

11 мая 2016


Dear Mr. Mikov,

Dear Congress delegates,

I congratulate you on behalf of Political Party A JUST RUSSIA as well as on my own behalf on such a landmark event as the opening of the 49th CONGRESS OF THE BULGARIAN SOCIALIST PARTY.

The Congress of the Bulgarian socialists is taking place ahead of the 125th anniversary of the party that has been one of the leading political forces in Bulgaria for years. The BSP representatives have repeatedly held high positions of authority and headed the key ministries in the government of the Republic. The renowned political leaders who currently lead such authoritative international structures as the Party of the European Socialists and UNESCO formed in THE BULGARIAN SOCIALIST PARTY.

Remaining their firm commitment to the progressive ideology of socialism, our parties not only share the principles of freedom, justice and solidarity but also stand for their protection. We are proud of being part of a Big Socialist Family, of being a full member of the international movement of the Socialist International. Being together, we can and must make every effort to create the conditions required for a just, safe and more sustainable development of our countries, the whole Europe and the world.

22 April 2016 has become a big day for both friendly parties: it was for the first time that the Agreement on Cooperation between Party A JUST RUSSISA and the BULGARIAN SOCIALIST PARTY was signed. This event is destined to consolidate the relations of friendship, good-neighborliness and mutual understanding between our fraternal nations. We also hope that it will promote development of the strategic partnership between Russia and Bulgaria.

The Russian and the Bulgarian peoples are inseparably connected by their common history, deep spirituality and culture. Our duty is to keep all of this in memory and in the hearts of the future generations of the Russians and the Bulgarians.

I wish you all success with accomplishment of the tasks set before the Congress, with consolidation of all left forces of the country in the struggle for flourishing Bulgaria led by a strong socialist party!

With a fraternal greeting,

S.M. Mironov

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