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Alexander Romanovich met with a delegation of the Syrian Kurdistan

28 апреля 2016

Alexander Romanovich, Vice-Chairman of the State Duma, a deputy of Party A JUST RUSSIA and a member of its State Duma faction received a delegation of the Syrian Kurdistan (Rojava) headed by Otman Rody Ahmad, the Head of the Syrian Kurdistan Representative Office in the Russian Federation.

Opening the meeting, Alexander Romanovich said he was glad to welcome the delegation of the Syrian Kurdistan in the State Duma.

He also stressed that Party A JUST RUSSIA has always been taking interest in the situation in Syria, in particular, in Syrian Kurdistan, and monitors the events closely. According to him, it is very important to get to know from first hand what is going on there.

The delegation members thanked the politician for a warm welcome and emphasized that representatives of Party A JUST RUSSIA have been their old friends, and they are glad to cooperate with them.

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