Alexander Romanovich: blocking of Russias resolution on Syria may fire Europe back with new terrorist attacks

06 2016

Alexander Romanovich, Vice-Chairman of the State Duma commented on blocking of Russias resolution on Syria at the UN:

Russia has made more attempts to reach peace in Syria over the last years than all European countries combined. Russia tried to convince the West again and again that first of all, it is necessary to defeat terrorism if we are interested in a successful peace-making process. We alone came to help the Syrian military and the Kurdish militiamen who were holding back the anti-terrorist front with difficulty. But instead of expressing gratitude and provision of real support, we were condemned and accused of supporting Bashar Asad.

But it is Russia that was one of the main initiators of the talks on Syria. No one but Russia interacted with both official Damask and the opposition. Russia offered the creation of a united anti-terrorist front, and then, after victory over the radicals, to think about the future political order in Syria.

But our peacekeeping proposals still remain nothing more than proposals for Europe which has only been listening to Washington. Meanwhile, in the result of the intrigues of the US State Department the territory of Syria is turning into a launching ground for terrorists on their way to the European continent. But neither the terrorist attacks in Paris nor the same attacks in Brussels made the European elites take this pragmatic and wise stand.

Blocking of Russias resolution on Syria at the UN may fire Europe back with new terrorist attacks. But this does not seem to bother the European politicians who are still kindling the flame of war in the Middle East.

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