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Cooperation agreement between Political party A JUST RUSSIA and Bulgarian Socialist Party

25 апреля 2016

Political Party A JUST RUSSIA and THE BULGARIAN SOCIALIST PARTY (hereinafter referred to as Parties) operating on the basis of the principles of:

– respect for their countries and pride for their nations;

– respect and protection of the rights and freedoms of all citizens, provision of their social protection, security, recognition of the right to a dignified job, qualitative health care and education;

– equitable distribution of the state income for the benefit of the living and future generations;

– environmental care for the sake of the nations health promotion;

– self-sufficiency and independence of our countries, their full equality, mutual respect and non-interference in each other’s internal affairs;

– mutual striving for cooperation and communication,

and in compliance with the provisions of the basic Treaty on Friendly Relations and Cooperation between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Bulgaria (Sofia, 4 August 1992) have entered into


Article 1

As their main goal, both parties declare development of various forms of party-to-party cooperation to strengthen equal, good-neighborly and mutually beneficial relations between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Bulgaria, and the peoples of the two countries in all spheres of public-political life, and trade and economic relations. The historical, spiritual and cultural links between the fraternal Russian and Bulgarian peoples are the basis for this cooperation.

Article 2

In compliance with The Universal Declaration on Human Rights (UN General Assembly Resolution No 217 A (III) of 10 December 1948), and The International Pact on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (UN General Assembly Resolution No 2200 A (XXI) of 16 December 1966), the Parties stand for observation of the basic human rights and social rights.

Article 3

The Parties intend to:

– organize, in turn, visits of delegations of both Parties to share their experience in party construction, and domestic and foreign policy activities;

– develop cooperation in political issues of mutual interest through contacts between the State Duma faction of Party A JUST RUSSIA and the National Assembly faction of the BULGARIAN SOCIALIST PARTY to study mutual experience, and strengthen business and friendly relations between the parliaments of the two countries;

– participate in public and political events, forums, roundtables and seminars organized by both Parties;

– organize, promote and to facilitate contacts between the Parties’ regional and local structures;

– strive for convergence of the Parties and coordination of their positions on the topical issues of the international agenda within the framework of international meetings, and public and political events;

– synchronize positions of the members of each Party’s delegations in various international organizations, in which the Parties are members and/or are represented;

– exchange electronic information and printed materials about the activities of both Parties and factions;

– build practical cooperation between the Party mass media, in particular newspapers "The A Just Russia" and "The Duma";

– Promote the development of contacts between the youth, women’s, humanitarian and other public organizations and unions.

Article 4

This Agreement constitutes grounds for conclusion of additional agreements relating to the subject of the given Agreement if the Parties find it necessary. Such agreements, in the form of Supplements to the given Agreement, will be its constituent and integral parts.

Article 5

To reach a successful implementation of this Agreement, the Parties will cooperate with each other in every possible way. Cooperation between the Parties will be open and public.

Article 6

This Agreement is valid for three years and comes into force from the day of its signing. The period of its effect is automatically prolonged for the next three years if one of the Parties does not notify the other about its intention to make amendments to the Agreement or terminate it.

The Agreement is executed in three copies (in Russian, Bulgarian and English), each copy is an original, one copy for each side. In the event of discrepancy between the contents of the copies executed in the Russian, Bulgarian and English languages, the English text prevails.

On behalf of

On behalf of

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