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Alexander Romanovich: a new wave of anti-Russian hysteria in Ukraine is prompting another Maidan

15 апреля 2016

Alexander Romanovich, Vice-Chairman of the State Duma commented on the declaration of the new Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada about the introduction of a visa regime with Russia:

No one could have expected any other but anti-Russian rhetoric from Andriy Parubiy, the new Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada. It has already become some sort of a ritual, an oath of loyalty to the Western masters when Ukrainian politicians start their work in a position of high authority with declarations distinguished by Russophobia. Let’s remember the words of Geletey, the Ukrainian ex-Minister of Defense who promised to hold a military parade in Sevastopol, or what the self-proclaimed leaders were shouting in inflamed Maidan when they were firing up the crowd for pogroms.

It’s needless to expect emergence of even more serious problems in the relations between Russia and Ukraine just because the worst has come to the worst. The statements made by the new speaker of the Verkhovna Rada actually lead to aggravation of the crisis in Ukraine which is already a political and economic bankrupt.

A new wave of anti-Russian hysteria in Ukraine is prompting another Maidan where Parubiy as well as his other political allies will turn out to be a victim but not a hero.

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