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Alexander Romanovich: the world community has failed so far to totally hinder terrorism

22 марта 2016

Alexander Romanovich, a deputy of Party A JUST RUSSIA and a member of its State Duma faction, deputy Head of the Chairman of the SD Committee on Foreign Affairs commented on the terrorist attacks in Brussels:

The tragic events in Brussels have confirmed the truth which is sad and very cruel for a civilized community. "The terrorist International" is a step ahead of the preventive measures targeted at protection of the European population against the wide-scale and merciless attacks.

I can’t but remind you that half a year ago, at the UN jubilee session in New York, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned about a global character of the terrorist threat.

President Putin also warned about the danger of any attempts to flirt with terrorists as well as of provision them with military and financial aid. Militants from a number of countries, including the European ones, undergo trials in the camps of "the Islamic State". We must not let these cutthroats, who have already felt the smell of blood, come back home and continue perpetrate their dirty deeds there. The Russian leader said that no one wanted it, did they? Russia has always been firm and consistent in its struggle against any forms of terrorism.

Unfortunately, the world community has failed to hinder terrorism totally and uncompromisingly. The terrorist acts in Paris that seemed to be extremely cruel and impudent on the part of ISIS militants at that moment, were followed by equally cruel and demonstrative attacks against Brussels, the capital of the united Europe.

The European Union institutions, the NATO headquarters and a lot of cultural, scientific and educational institutions are located in Brussels. In my view, a series of explosions in the capital of Belgium is some sort of a symbolic challenge to the Western civilization. It’s a pity that in spite of concentration of the most important bodies of control over the international organizations in Brussels, this city has acquired the fame of the resting base of Islamic terrorists.

It is Belgium where the executors of the terrorist acts in Paris were prepared. The story has actually repeated. The European security services ran into the same trap. No sooner had they arrested, after an exhaustive search, Salah Abdelsalam, the mastermind of the terror attacks in Paris, another heavy hit was put on the law enforcement officials in Belgium itself.

The winning reports about catching the evildoer and description of the prison in Brugge where Abdelsalam was thrown which is something like "a miracle", with a dozen of its armored doors and an advanced alarm system turned out to be a mere cruel joke as the IS Hydra appeared to have ten heads more than a malicious mythological monster. According to some sources in special services, there are around ninety ‘non-activated’ terrorists suicide bombers in the European countries who are ready to perform their horrible mission.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin was among the first state leaders who expressed their condolences to King Philip and the people of Belgium. The Russian leader declared absolute solidarity of the Russian people with the people of Belgium; he also emphasized that "fighting this evil demands calls for the highest level of active international cooperation".

In the light of the new tragedy, there is hardly anything we can add to these words.

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