Nikolai Levichev: the West must realize that Crimea is Russia

16 2016

Nikolai Levichev, Vice-Chairman of the State Duma made comments on the statement of the US State Department that the American leadership still does not accept the results of the referendum in Crimea and is not going to lift the sanctions against the republic:

Rejoining of Crimea with Russia is a tremendous historical event the significance of which will become more and more prominent for us and our consciousness. Crimea and Sevastopol are Russia, an integral part of our history. Thats why the second anniversary means the anniversary of rejoining with Russia. It is not by chance that even in the USSR plenty of people perceived an irresponsible transfer of Crimea by Khrushchev as an absolutely unnatural act. This is the case when peoples consciousness based on their live feeling of historical justice rejected what was imposed from above. The conjectural decision was not revised during the USSR period mainly because the career of the next Secretary General Brezhnev was linked with the Ukrainian party organization.

They in Kiev must have felt a temporary character of the transfer of Crimea. Otherwise, it is difficult to explain the infrastructural degradation of the region which might have become the leading center of the tourist industry for the past twenty years.

Rejoining of Crimea with Russia took place in full compliance with the UN Charter which enshrines the right of peoples to self-determination. The people living in Crimea belong to various nations. However, the truth is that sixty-five percent of Russians, fifteen percent of Ukrainians and ten percent of Crimean Tatars were living in Crimea at the time it rejoined with Russia. It is getting more and more clear against the background of the tragedy in Donbas and Lugaschina what kind of a bloody scenario was prepared for the people in Crimea by the Nazi who seized power in Kiev in the result of the coup d etat; of course, it would have been genocide of the Russian-speaking population and a complete cleansing of the peninsular.

Id like to remind those who are making attempts to speculate on the history of the Crimean Tatar people of the fact that the Kiev authorities had done nothing for attaching the land rights and development of the Crimean Tatar community during the period of ten years of "independence". Thats why, in this respect, the American State Department is sure to have sent its claims to the wrong address.

However, they in Washington do not put themselves to any bother about history, geography or real facts, in general. The US authorities decided to go on making pressure till we give Crimea back. They who put on "sheeps clothing" violate right and left the international laws, ignore the UN, invade other countries and oust their governments as it was done, for example, in Iraq, change the borders and establish them on their own, as it was with Kosovo.

The problem is that it is useless to put any pressure on our country. It is not only the history of our grandparents and parents that proves it, but our own history as well, the attempts made by each Russian citizen to revive their country. Two years are enough to draw the conclusion that the sanctions are off-target. Obama spoke about the economy "torn into bits and pieces", but as we can see, there is nothing of this kind. On the other hand, the problems of the Russian economy are still mainly connected with ineffectiveness of the social-economic model changing of which totally depends on us.

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