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Sergei Mironov congratulated leader of the Direction – Social Democracy party of Slovakia for winning in the parliamentary elections

25 марта 2016


Dear Mr. Fico,

On behalf of the Political party A JUST RUSSIA and myself, I congratulate you and your comrades on the victory of the Party SMER – Social Democracy in the parliamentary elections on March 5, 2016!

The fact that majority of voters supported Slovak Social Democrats reaffirmed a credibility of the party and provided an opportunity to form a new coalition government, in which SMER – Social Democracy will play a leading role.

We are confident that the government, which is led by you, will consolidate the progress achieved and will continue to stimulate socio-economic development while protecting the principles of social justice and gaining confidence of Slovak citizens widely.

The Political party A JUST RUSSIA is in favor of developing a constructive and equal cooperation with the Party SMER – Social Democracy, including in the framework of the Socialist International, in which our two parties are the full members.

I wish you good health and every success for the benefit of the Slovak Republic!

Yours sincerely,

Sergey Mironov
Chairman of the
Political party A JUST RUSSIA

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