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Sergei Mironov expressed condolences to the Chairman of the Belgian Socialist Party in connection with the terrorist attacks in Brussels

25 марта 2016




Dear Mr. Di Rupo,

On behalf of Political Party A JUST RUSSIA and on my own behalf, allow me to extend the deepest condolences on the tragic loss of lives of peaceful citizens who became victims of the series of terror attacks in Brussels. Please, give our most sincere compassion and deepest sympathies to their families and friends. We wish a quick recovery to everyone injured in the attacks.

As well as all Russian people the members of our party feel deepest outrage over a new bloody crime committed by terrorists. We are in solidarity with all forces that are against this most dangerous evil in the modern world.

The terrorist attack against Brussels is a challenge to the whole civilized humanity. The goals of international terrorism are well-known: further destabilization of the world, aggravation of political and social tensions. These barbarian acts must not remain unpunished. We must join our efforts and all together rid the world of this deadly threat.

Political Party A JUST RUSSIA wishes the Belgian socialists and all Belgian people to remain courageous and strong during these hard times.

Yours sincerely,

Sergey Mironov
Chairman of the Political party A JUST RUSSIA

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