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Socialist International condemns terrorist attacks in Brussels

22 марта 2016

The Socialist International condemns without reservation the cowardly and indiscriminate terrorist assault on innocent civilians in the heart of Brussels and at Zaventem airport, and expresses its deepest sympathy and solidarity with the victims of these despicable acts, the local emergency services, and all the people of Belgium. We extend our sincere condolences to the families and friends of those killed and to all those who have suffered trauma and injuries in the explosions that struck Belgium's capital today.

The SI equally stands in support of its socialist members in Belgium, the government of the country and all its institutions as they come to terms with this attack and take measures to catch the perpetrators and protect citizens. We look forward to the apprehension of all those responsible for the planning and execution of today's bombings and for justice to be carried out.

Now is a time for all decent people around the world to unite in defence of the universal values of freedom, tolerance and peace, and reject the chaos, destruction and fear caused by terrorism. These acts are above all an attack on our way of life, and the number of major terrorist attacks in recent months in different locations around the world has demonstrated that this is a threat which requires a united global response.

The Socialist International once more calls on all its member parties and the entire international community to join in a comprehensive response to terrorism in order to eliminate this scourge without sacrificing the fundamental freedoms and rights that these attacks seek to undermine.

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