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Nikolai Levichev called for making "a blacklist" of EU journalists in response to expelling the VGTRK camera crew from Lithuania

10 марта 2016

State Duma Vice-Chairman Nikolai Levichev called for making a "blacklist" of EU journalists in response to expelling the VGTRK camera crew from Lithuania.

Now a request of a Russian journalist about an interview with Gary Kasparov in Vilnius, and a slap on the face of the same journalist given by some woman Bozhena Kuritsina who calls herself "Rynska" mean nothing but "a threat to national security of Lithuania". It is neither Kasparov throwing himself at the VGTRK journalist nor Kuritsina who were expelled but our journalists. Maybe, such style of behavior is accepted in small but proud European democracies. Fish rots from its head but the European Union seems to be rotting from its tail.

An incident with the camera crew of the Russian TV that was supposed to become the main attraction of "the on-site event of the Russian non-system opposition" but was not noticed either by the society or Mass Media seems to be another nail in the coffin of the European Union riddled with idiocy of double standards.

Russia is not going to collect insults but turnaround is fair play. It is necessary to make our own "blacklist" of EU journalists shadowing different puppets of the State Department in Russian cities who are trying to teach our people how they should live in their own country and which authorities they should elect.

As for Kasparov and his companions, they owe a lot to the camera crew of the Russian TV thanks to which their gathering was given at least some publicity in Mass Media.

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