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Olga Epifanova: the list of criminally liable acts in the sphere of sexual exploitation of children will be expanded

24 февраля 2016

On 24 February, at the meeting of the State Duma Committee on Family Affairs, Women and Children, the deputies were recommended to pass at first reading the draft law on the fight against turnover of pornographic materials using minors and (or) their distribution among them.

According to Olga Epifanova, the Chairperson of the State Duma Committee on Family Affairs, Women and Children, the Russian legislation has not determined yet which materials or subjects containing pictures or description of a minor’s genitals are not pornographic.

"We may say the result is obvious: the number of facts of illegal production and turnover of pornographic materials with pictures of children is growing," she said. In 2008, there were registered two hundred twenty-three crimes of this type (by Article 242 of the Criminal Code); as for 2015, the number has increased – 1,200."

The given draft law offers to enshrine a complete and clear definition of the notion "materials or subjects with pornographic pictures of minors" in Article 242 of the RF Criminal Code.

"Thanks to the legislative enshrining of the term "child pornography", we will be able to draw line between pornographic materials and other related notions. Moreover, we will be able to expand the list of acts liable to criminal punishment in the sphere of sexual exploitation of children. I do hope that such measures will help decrease the production and turnover of child pornography in the country in general," Olga Epifanova emphasized.

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