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Sergei Mironov received a delegation of the DPR Ministry of Education and Science

25 февраля 2016

Sergei Mironov, Chairman of Party A JUST RUSSIA and the Leader of its State Duma faction received a delegation of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Donetsk People’s Republic. The delegation was headed by Larisa Polyakova, the DPR Minister of Education and Science. The meeting was also participated by Victor Shudegov, a deputy and a JR SD faction member, deputy Chairman of the SD Committee on Education, and Ruslan Tatarinov, the Head of the JR party headquarters.

At the beginning of the meeting, Sergei Mironov stated that work on provision of the DPR secondary educational institutions with programs "KM-School" and "eKM-School" is going on. He also stressed that the initiators of this project have intention to further promote provision of the Donetsk schoolchildren with the required school books in electronic format.

"It is absolutely right that education at the schools of Donetsk will be in compliance with the educational standards of Russia," the parliamentarian said.

We’d like to remind that Sergei Mironov handed over the certificate on access to educational program "eKM-School" to the DPR authorities during his visit to the Republic at the end of December. The program includes text books and auxiliary materials relating to all subjects of secondary education (grades 1-11).

Larisa Polyakova noted that they have actively been implementing "KM-School" in the Republic.

She also said that all the materials required for installation of this system at all schools of the Republic will be sent to the DPR in the nearest future.

Both sides also discussed topical issues in the sphere of education of the DPR and the prospects for cooperation between Russia and the DPR in scientific area.

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