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Oleg Mikheyev sent an inquiry to the Prosecutor General concerning the activity of Company TripAdviser

26 февраля 2016

Oleg Mikheyev, a deputy from Party A JUST and a member of its State Duma faction, applied to RF Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika in connection with the activity of Company TripAdviser.

According to the deputy, representatives of the editorial staff of tourist internet-newspaper Turprom applied to him with a request to raise the point of inadmissibility of the use of false topographic data. The appeal concerns TripAdviser, a big American internet-company operating in the RF, including its representation in the domain zone .ru.

As the appeal says, in spite of the fact that it’s been two years since the Republic of Crimea rejoined Russia, the above-mentioned company still marks Crimea as part of Ukraine but not of the Russian Federation.

The deputy says: "On the one hand, it may be an unfortunate error of the company, but on the other, at present a variety of methods is used in political struggle and propaganda, including involvement of commercial organizations and their resources. Moreover, I think participation of a commercial organization in the political activity distinguished by the position contrary to the RF interests is an improper behavior of this organization in the RF territory."

The parliamentarian thinks that taking into account the above-mentioned circumstances, it is required to conduct of a full check to reveal the attributes of undesirable activity of this organization in the RF territory, among them checks of implementation of the provisions of Federal Law No 272-FZ of 28.12. 2012 (in the revision dated 23.05.2015), Article 3.1 of which says "the operation (activity) of a foreign or international non-governmental organization (NGO) may be recognized as undesirable if such operation poses a risk to the Russian constitutional system, national defense or the safety of the state."

In case, some facts of violation of the active legislation are revealed, Oleg Mikheyev would ask the Prosecutor General’s Office to take measures foreseen by the provisions of the RF active legislation.

"In addition, I ask to send the proposals for improvement of the legislation relating to this issue, proceeding from the common practice of the law enforcement bodies," he said.

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