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Nikolai Levichev: the IRI election results will make a positive impact on cooperation with the RF in the fight against terrorism

01 марта 2016

Nikolai Levichev, the State Duma Vice-Chairman made comments on the election results in the Islamic Republic of Iran:

Having analyzed the election held in Iran and its results, the main conclusion that might be drawn is that democracy has a lot of faces and forms. This is a good lesson taught to the people who assert there is only one model of democracy – the American-European one, and who believe they have the right to plant this model ‘with fire and sword’ throughout the world.

The parties in Iran are different from ours. For example, over a thousand candidates fought for one mandate of a Mejlis (the Iranian Parliament) member in Teheran. The main election intrigue concentrated around the fight of three movements: the reformers, the moderate and the conservatives. What is important, it concerned both the election to the Mejlis and to the Assembly of Experts which is actually the upper chamber that will make the decision about the new spiritual leader of the country if Ayatollah Ali khamenei leaves his post due to the age reasons. The moderate and the part of the reformats supporting the line of policy of Khasan Rouhani, the Iranian president in office, have won the election which means that the Iranian people support the reached agreements and an active return of their country (in full volume) to involvement in all world economic processes which was impossible before because of the sanctions. From the political aspect, Iran still remained an influential regional power even during the period of sanctions.

As we know, our country made a decisive contribution to the solution of the Iranian nuclear problem; our political support helped this friendly state to be able to stand for itself when clouds of the war provoked by the Washington hawks were gathering over this region. In this context, the election results are very positive for the relations between Russia and Iran.

Having made their wise and responsible choice, the people of Iran once again demonstrated that they are worthy successors to the traditions of the Persian civilization, the most ancient on our planet. The results of the election in Iran will make a positive impact on the Middle East settlement, including the situation around Syria and will add an additional significance to the well-reasoned and active position of Iran.

We consider Iran as the key ally in the fight against international terrorism and will try to achieve lifting of the remained sanction from this friendly country, including the ones relating to the issues of military and technical cooperation. Iran which is making a serious contribution to suppression of terrorism and maintenance of spiritual peace in the Islamic world, may always rely on our support and help.

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