Nikolai Levichev: Obama accusing Trump of populism may address himself the same accusations

17 2016

Nikolai Levichev, Vice-Chairman of the State Duma made comments on Barack Obamas declaration to Donald Trumps address:

The USA teaches democracy and honest elections to the world. Without any trace of embarrassment, the US President Obama makes public calls for American electors not to vote for one of the candidates. However, so far we have not heard any indignant exclamations from either representatives of the North-American establishment or experts, as if it should be so. In our country, they would already stamp such things as "administrative resource!"

If President Putin made a similar call for not voting, for example, for Ziuganov or Yavlinskiy, the American administration would be the very first to wail concerning the violations of all democratic norms of holding an election campaign.

Obama occupied himself with the election campaigning at the press-conference devoted to the results of the USA-ASEAN summit. It is not just improper; it violates all the foundations of political culture which the USA (as a self-appointed sample of democracy) is allegedly spreading throughout the world. If Obama was going to act for the favor of the Democratic candidate, he, right on the contrary, did him more harm than good.

Obama accusing Trump of populism and turning his campaign into a reality show, may address himself the same accusations. Eight years spent in office by the current American President gave impulse to both Trumps rhetoric and his popularity among the American people. So, democracy of the USA is built on the principle: they live in glass houses but still they throw stones.

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