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Nikolai Levichev offered to create under the egis of UN an international center of counterpropaganda against extremists

10 февраля 2016

Nikolai Levichev, Vice-Chairman of the State Duma proposed to create under the aegis of UN an international center of counterpropaganda against extremists:

The declaration made by Deputy Secretary General of UN about the sources of financing the Daish group must be followed by immediate actions.

Russia is not making any illusions about the future of the military coalition. The policy of the USA and NATO has not helped too much so far to the operation of the Russian ASF (Air-Space Forces) and the Syrian army. As for the UN, it is helpless to bring all its strength on the USA regarding this issue.

However, combating terrorism does not refer only to the military sphere. Figuratively speaking, the Islamic State group is something like a three-head dragon. The Russian and Syrian military are successfully fighting, without anyone’s help, against its first head – the militant wing of Daish. However, thanks to the other two – information-ideological and financial-material – the first head restores very quickly.

It is high time we created under the aegis of UN the international center of counterpropaganda against extremists. Daish makes itself known and attracts financial resources through the activities on recruitment of its followers, intimidation of civilians throughout the world with its videos showing cutting off of heads. The Internet is used for the transfer of the money coming to the terrorists’ accounts. Why has the symbolic YouTube not blocked so far the videos of terrorists, thus protecting hundreds of millions of people against terrorist propaganda?

Struggle at the web front will consist not only of tracking and blocking the internet channels of terrorists but also of awareness-raising work among young people who terrorists may attract on their side.

Our country may initiate creation of such a center. Concerning the settlement of the Middle-East crisis, we must not give up the initiative to the USA and its allies either in the military sphere or in the information one.

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