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Sergei Mironov received a delegation of the Syrian Kurdistan

12 февраля 2016

Sergei Mironov, Chairman of Party A JUST RUSSIA and the Leader of its Sate Duma faction received the delegation of Syrian Kurdistan headed by Senam Mohamed, the co-chair of the People’s Council of Syrian Kurdistan, the Special Representative of the Government of Syrian Kurdistan to countries of Europe and America. The meeting was also participated by Alexander Romanovich, the deputy Chairman of the SD Committee on Foreign Affairs, a deputy of the AJR SD faction.

Opening the meeting, Sergei Mironov said he was glad to welcome the delegation of Syrian Kurdistan to the State Duma.

"We have been meeting with representatives of Syrian Kurds for many years. We consider it of great importance what the Kurds are trying to do at present in their aspiration for living in peace and quiet on their own land," Mr. Mironov said."

Sergei Mironov also stressed that he was feeling deep compassion for the problems of the Kurdish people who are the most numerous divided nation in the world.

The representatives of the delegation thanked the politician for hospitality and emphasized that they were glad to cooperate with Party A JUST RUSSIA.

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