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During its all-Russia press-conference, Party A JUST RUSSIA announced launching of large-scale action "Medvedev, do or resign!"

10 февраля 2016

On 10 February, Party A JUST Russia held its all-Russia press-conference in which large-scale action "Do or Resign!" was launched

The representatives of the party demanded that both the regional authorities and the Federal Government headed by Dmitry Medvedev take effective actions to prevent a dramatic exacerbation of the social-economic situation in the country.

In particular, the following demands are made on the Government and its Chairman:

  • An immediate abolition of the unfair system of housing charges – "the capital repair fee".

  • A complete abolition of the transport tax.

  • Returning to the previous level of the tax on the property of physical persons, and exemption from the land tax of the owners of a land plot that is less than 800m2 of land.

Starting from today, the party starts collecting 10 million signatures of RF citizens for these demands. Moreover, each signatory can expand the list of the demands for the government.

The demands are set forth in an open call of the deputies of the A JUST RUSSIA SD faction for Dmitry Medvedev, the Chairman of the Government and the Leader of "The United Russia".

"Constantly increasing charges and a contemptuous disregard of millions of citizens have become a traditional style of work of your government and your party. Are you aware of what these people would like to tell you now? They are eager to say that they are not ‘cash cows’, and their pockets into which you dip your hands whenever you want have nothing to do with your own purse. It is time to spell it out," the call says.

As the deputies declare, "we are completely dissatisfied with chronic helplessness of the Government and its inaction at the moment when there is a steady decline in the living standards of millions of citizens."

The call for Dmitry Medevedev stresses the following: "Being the one holding concurrent positions of the Chairman of the Government and the Leader of "The United Russia" that has the majority of seats in the State Duma, you possess absolute authority to satisfy these demands."

Everyone may join us and sign the list of demands for Dmitry Medvedev here. http://www.spravedlivo.ru/diu

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