Nikolai Levichev: advertising of their own idiocy has grown into fashion not only at night clubs but at the official institutions of Kiev as well

11 2016

Nikolai Levichev, Vice-Chairman of the State Duma made comments on the imitation of the execution of a Russian pilot staged in Kievs night club:

The discourtesy that took place in Kievs club is in the same line with the names of the dishes suggested at the Ukrainian restaurants, something like a "Militiaman Grill". That was just a vulgar and cynical attempt made by the club owners to advertize their club. By the way, judging by the frames, just a few visitors were eager to applaud the given "performance".

It is rather the tendency which is alarming. The scale of idiocy on the Dnieper banks has been over the limit for the last two years. Such an amusement under the favorite music of the DAISH terrorists who (by the way) declared Ukraine among their foes is another step on the road to nowhere.

Advertizing of someones own idiocy has grown into fashion not only at night clubs but also at the official institutions of Kiev, such as the Ukrainian Presidents administration and the Rada. When an advisor to Poroshenko compares the Russians with insects, we may only make a guess about the rats the high-standing officials have in their heads. It is evident that the serious illness the authorities of the country have been suffering from starts gradually affecting their surroundings.

I hope that healthy people in Ukraine who have been in a majority so far will be able to stop the virus of the Pathological Russophobe and will quarantine the sick ones.

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